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Private cloud plan includes:

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Microsoft Azure technology 

Pinya HR is software designed to simplify and streamline personnel work in the company. The creator of the software is Pinya s.r.o. If you are interested in purchasing the Pinya HR software solution, ask to join the demo. Based on your request, send you access data to our HR portal, through which you will not only be able to try out the Pinya HR software, but if you are interested, you will be able to order it directly through the portal. The prices of Pinya HR software are fixed. Implementation of the entire software into your company is very fast, we can launch it within 24 hours. We believe that you’ll be interested in the Pinya HR software. Our company Pinya specializes in the development and implementation of software solutions. In addition to the Pinya HR product, our portfolio also includes the Pinya SharePoint intranet solution and software for monitoring the work of employees called Pinya Guard. If you do not choose from our offer, we are able to design a tailor-made software solution for you. Our company is based in the Czech Republic. More about Pinya s.r.o. you can find out in the About Us section. If you want to contact us or ask anything, visit the Contacts section, where you will find all the contact details for our company.

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